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About AKØA

This website is a work in progress as I slowly learn Jekyll Markdown. I've coded my own HTML websites for years at various internet addresses, using various tools. Jekyll Markdown seems to work the way I always thought things should, but there's definitely a bit of a learning curve.

For the uninitiated, AKØA is my FCC issued amateur radio callsign. I first became interested in "radio" at an early age, having grown up near an AM station that shared it's frequency with the legendary border blaster, XERF. Long distance radio propagation was nothing short of magic to me. My parents fostered my interest with radio's and electronic project kits. Grandmothers gave me Part 15 walkie-talkies. Family friends loaned me shortwave receivers. In the early 1980's, I stumbled upon two hams having a conversation on 40 meters - AM. An engineer for WGN in Chicago was talking to another ham in California. I've been hooked ever since. With the help of my local radio club, I obtained my Novice License (Originally licensed in 1985 as KAØVSZ). With the help of my dad, I obtained my novice rig. I quickly followed with upgrades to Technician and General. College took priority for a few years, but I achieved my Advanced and Amateur Extra class licenses prior to Y2K license restructuring. My current interests include DX-ing (with CW DXCC and individual DXCC awards on 7 bands, so far), contesting, traffic handling, emergency preparedness/communications and Linux on the ham radio desktop.

I have social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere, but have lost interest in most social media platforms.

I am extremely politically opinionated and we likely don't agree on a lot. I'm pretty sure you're not changing my mind and I'm not changing yours by posting blatantly political content online.